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Having the technology that is right for your business has in recent years not become any easier. You may want to re-think and establish what should be considered core capabilities in this day and age, to then bring further cutting edge functionality into the picture.

We aim to bring you some of the best of both!

Clock's PMSuite is a globally adopted, most-in-one solution that re-invents room management using the best cloud technology, while incorporating crucial online functionality such as direct and partner channel management and guest engagement:

Atomize is a Swedish artificial intelligence (AI) tech company with a global mission to help hoteliers maximize revenue and RevPAR by optimising room prices through deep competence within data driven machine learning algorithms.:

With Bookboost, guests stay in touch using their preferred messaging channel, while hotels gain the tools to concentrate and part automate the conversation and pro-actively reach out for additional revenue and return business:

HQ plus offers cloud based solutions that support hotels in getting a complete and accurate picture of their major distribution channels in real-time, while monitoring competitors' room rates and tracking information about events, conferences and fairs:

4Suites provides cloud based, mobile room access technology. The company designs and produces intelligent embedded hardware that is connected to the cloud. Their mission is to make mobile access to rooms available at low cost and with the highest level of security and reliability:

Adyen's clients include many travel giants and with good reason. Their global platform supports hundreds of payment methods from around the world, lowering the bar for guests and allowing accommodation businesses to accept e-commerce, mobile and point-of-sale payments:

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